It's Nice To Meet You
Who Am I


I'm a master of software engineering with a keen interest in games and game making. Throughout my studies my focus has been on graphics programing, game engine architecture and game design. I strive to create robust systems and maximize the output of today's hardware.

In my master's project I implemented a social navigation system for humanoid characters within the Unity game engine. In my system characters can navigate any environment in Unity and exhibit socially believable behaviors as they do so.

As part of my studies and in my free time I've built some interesting projects. Have a look at my portfolio to see what I'm capable of. My plan wasn't always to become a software engineer; read my story to get an insight into my background and experience. If you want to know more take a look at my CV.


A quick overview of my story.

  • Electrician

    Like so many teenage boys I spent my first teen years in front of a computer, playing video games, creating flash websites and programing. Unsure if I wanted to do that for the rest of my life I decided to get my hands dirty and become an electrician.

  • Biomedical Engineer

    After getting my hands dirty I wanted a new and bigger challenge and since I was very good at math and physics, engineering was the way to go. But there were so many different engineering paths available, with a challenge in mind and my keen interest in the human body I choose biomedical engineering, something completely new to me.

  • Software Engineer

    After my bachelors in biomedical engineer I looked back to my teenage years, were I spent my time in front of a computer and figured those were some good times. It was then when I decided to take my masters in software engineering and become the computer nerd I was meant to be.

  • Running, Biking and Swimming

    Believe it or not I do tend to stand up from the computer once in a while and do something else. I guess you could define me as a runner, having completed four marathons and one Laugavegur Ultra Marathon. However my long term goal is to become an Ironman (before I'm thirty, still a lot of time left).


I love graphics and game programming.

Social Navigation (2015)

Social character navigation in Unity

Block Buster (2015)

Game created with the VGC Engine

VGC Engine (2014)

Game Engine in C++

Text Rendering (2014)

OpenGL text rendering

Motion Capture (2014)

Pipeline from Kinect to Unity

Space Journey (2014)

A journey through space

Voxel Engine (2014)

Voxel rendering in C++

Voxel Test (2013)

A voxel rendering engine

Game Client (2013)

My first game


Feel free to download my CV as pdf.